The Rarest Dog Breeds

The “best friend of man,” the dog is perhaps the most loved pet in the world. However, only a few races are generally held by men, while there is still a wide variety of incredible breeds that deserve a spotlight.

The man has raised and trained their dogs properly to protect the family, for hunting, to watch the flock, to ward off pests, or simply as charming and faithful pets. Now, dogs are still the most popular animals in the world and some people these days have simply gone overboard in how to pamper their doggies.

They buy all kinds of organic dog food, natural soaps, and even ‘doggy’ clothes to dress them up. The height, they even buy them shoes for dogs. Fortunately, not everyone is like that and let their dog be a dog.

We are all familiar with German Shepherds, Labradors, Poodles, and of course favorites, Corgis. But there are other breeds of dogs that have just as much character and are just as faithful and very friendly.

Here are some rare dog breeds:

1. Great Griffon Basset Vendeen

These dogs are French breed. They are very energetic, curious and always make their presence known. They were raised primarily for hunting, but they are also very friendly.

Who would not want to love this adorable dog?

2. Heeler Red

Red Heeler, also known as the Australian Livestock Dog, is not used to staying in the house all day. These dogs prefer to go outside, play or walk.

They are protective, intelligent, hardworking and alert, and thus make good guard dogs.

3. Bergamasque

This Italian dog breed really stands out. The main feature of the Bergamask consists of 3 layers of thick fur, like dreadlocks, which protect it from predators, as well as weather conditions.

Its remarkable appearance is enough to put a smile on everyone’s face.

4. Brindle Hound

This long, lanky greyhound breed has an interesting striped pattern called brindle, which looks a bit like the tiger stripes.

This fast racing dog is affectionate and faithful.

5. Lemon Dalmatian

Who would have thought that Dalmatians have spots of different colors? Well yes!

And this one is called lemon dalmatian.

6. Terrier Bedlington

Sometimes confused with a sheep because of its wool-like fur, the Bedlington Terrier may seem shy like a sheep, but do not be fooled, as it is aggressive towards all the little outside animals.

7. Pula

This rag broom has the personality of a puppy, even grown up. They are happy, playful and intelligent dogs that exist in a variety of colors such as black, white and charcoal.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has one of those doggies with a mop look.

8. Heeler Lancashire

This little dog breed looks like something between a corgi and a rottweiler. He is known as a cattle rancher, but he is also a very good pet. He may be small, but he is full of courage.

9. Borzoi

This dog is also known as the Russian greyhound, renowned for its grace and mild temperament. He is also considered to be soft.

10. Pumi

No, it’s not a teddy bear! It is a Hungarian breed of dog called Pumi. They are lively, active and strong, and are very protective of those who care for them.

11. Czechoslovakian Vicak

This kind of dog, also known as the Czech Wolf-dog, is a breed cross between a German Shepherd and a Carpathian Wolf.

He looks a lot like a wolf, but he is calm, self-assured and intelligent.

12. Cocker Spaniel Robin

“Merle” evokes a unique characteristic of this breed of spaniel. They are also exactly like other spaniels, who require the most attention and regular grooming.

13. Border Collie Lilac

The border collie lilac has the same characteristics as the other breeds of a border collie, the only difference being the light lilac shade, in its brown fur.

So, now that you’ve known this wide range of dog breeds, which one do you want to take home, a raggie dog, a striped tiger dog, or a Carpathian wolf?

Wonderful! I choose them all!