Exotic Breeds of Dog

Dogs are adorable, the best company of the human and faithful until the end of time. Some prefer dogs of a race to which their superior condition makes them part of featured contests to win great prizes, and their owners, the envy of others for owning a status dog.

The love for canines is also felt by the abandoned in the streets or established in shelters, both waiting for a family that makes them one more and not just the pet. No matter what dog you have, he will surely give you his most sincere caress in exchange for a good hug.

And if you are an exotic lover, here is a list of the rare dog breeds that is difficult to find in a pet store.

Swedish Vallhund

This dog, also known as the “Viking dog”, originated in Sweden in the 19th century. It was originally used as a farm dog to protect livestock, hunt rodents and take care of the home.

In 1942, the breed was almost extinguished, but it was thanks to a reproduction program that its disappearance was prevented. These dogs also called “Swedish Shepherd”, have the very good temperament, lots of energy and need to exercise frequently.


This breed, originally from Turkey, was used mainly for hunting. The Catalburun, also known as “Turkish Pointer”, has a very peculiar feature: a nose split in two that gives it a sense of smell much stronger than that of other dogs, and that generates a high esteem among society for its fame of good hunters.

This dog is known more in Turkey than in any other part of the world, and they are highly appreciated for their olfactory abilities.


This cattle dog comes from Hungary. The Mudi is a race with lots of energy and is good for any dog sport. There are different types of this breed, from white, black or spotted.

Catahoula Cur

This dog can be very noisy and troublesome if it does not get enough attention – like most dogs do. This race was originally used for the herd, between the swamps to gather the cattle and pigs of the area. This dog needs a dominant owner to make it very clear the difference between what is right and what is wrong.


This breed, from Belgium, is popular for causing many problems, so it is also known as “little black demon.” These dogs like to disobey their owners and run around other animals. They can be very aggressive and should be kept away from other animals.

They require a lot of training. They are not fit for the weak.


Little is known about this breed outside its area of origin west of Africa – present in countries such as Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso. Known for their almost feline characteristics, they are very agile, they have been traditionally used by nomadic peoples of the Sahara as guardians and hunters of gazelles and other antelopes.

The Azawakh is by nature very timid; however, friendly and very affectionate.

Thai Ridgeback

This Thai crested dog has a hairline that grows in the opposite direction to the rest. These dogs are usually used as guardians of livestock. In Thailand, they have been used in the hunting of cobras and wild boars. Thai Ridgeback dogs are very intelligent, active and quiet, and one of the oldest breeds.

The dogs are incredible and the best company of humans. It is not necessary to invest in a high breed dog when there are so many stray dogs that need a home. Mexico is the country with the highest canine population in all of Latin America.

It is important to develop policies that prevent dog breeding, promote the care of animals and encourage the adoption of a street dog.

Adopting is the best way to become an animal owner, and it is perhaps this appreciation of the dogs that make them the best breed.